Dare To Live

Over the last couple of weeks I have found myself doing things that are way out of my comfort zone.  A few of those things you guys are pretty well aware of already:  1.) Starting this blog  2.) Becoming a Rodan + Fields Consultant  3.) Selling our home

As scary as it is to put yourself out there, it’s so freeing.  I know that is oh so cliche, but it’s true!  I was nervous to start this blog because I thought no one would want to read it, but then I told myself that I didn’t really care.  This blog is serving a purpose and it makes me feel like I have something to contribute.  I have somewhere to let my thoughts out, talk about the good, bad and the ugly, as well as have the opportunity to share it with someone who can relate.  Am I getting too big for my britches thinking that my words might help someone?  Be honest with me!

Photo depicting everything out of my comfort zone, letting Gia skip a nap and get in the water without a swim diaper – LOL!:


I think it was right around the same week I started this blog thing up again, that I also hopped on board with Rodan + Fields.  I haven’t talked to any of you about it yet for fear of annoying you.  I was telling my brother this on the phone yesterday and that I’m doing well with my new R + F gig, and that it really is a business where you get what you give.  What I mean is, if I put the effort in, I will see a return.  The only problem I saw with that while telling Zach about it was that I didn’t want to become one of those people you see on social media.  You know who they are….the ones who are posting about whatever product or service they are pushing, private messaging you, texting you, etc.  What he told me was such an “duh” moment – he told me that it’s part of the game and who cares if you are succeeding?  Instantly I thought, well you’re right!

After Zach enlightened me a little bit and reminded me that I should not care if other people think I’m being annoying, or “who does she think she is anyway?”, I told him I found a really great quote that I am starting to finally apply to these things in my life.

“Your happiness will never offend the people who truly care about you.”  –@bravebabesmovement

Soooo, with that quote in mind, I want to share something with you that I’m really excited about!  Since starting this blog, I’ve tried to dovetail it with my Instagram account by posting video stories of myself (another thing I am always scared to do, for fear of judgement) and photos that are related to things that I like to talk about here.  Well, someone noticed my Instagram account and my blog and must have liked what they saw.

I was reached out to by a Miami based clothing company for women and girls, and was asked to become an ambassador for them!  So cool!  After talking to Craig and giving it a little thought, I said why the hell not?!

The company is called Pineapple Clothing and they celebrate ladies of all ages, shapes and sizes.  (Who can’t support that?!) They have tons of unique prints and bold designs.  The fun thing about Pineapple Clothing is that they also have a mommy and me selection of clothing for you and your little babe to match.


I’m patiently waiting on my first shipment from them – capri activewear leggings in a funky print.  Yes, I ordered Gia a pair too!  I can’t wait to sport them running errands and out playing with Gia.  In all seriousness, I live in workout clothes and activewear, so to find something like this makes life for this mommy that much better.

The best part of my new role as an ambassador for Pineapple Clothing is that I have a unique 20% off coupon code for any of my subscribers, friends and family!  Please message me on Instagram, or comment on my blog so I can share it with you!  🙂




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